narrative, short, 2019

Two have lived together for some time. Secretly, they harbor feelings of attraction they can never voice for fear of damaging their situation.

cast Fabianne Therese Gstottenmayr, Ana Coto

director/cinematographer Vittoria Campaner

producer Reina Hashigatani

writers Vittoria Campaner, Elenie Chung

production designer Madie Hays

costume designer Maddie Carroll



narrative, short, 2019

A group of well-intentioned but hopelessly flawed film enthusiasts struggle to save their beloved video store from extinction.

cast Steve Olson, Daniel de Weldon, Zachary Margolis, John Dellaporta, Dylan Ryan

director/writer/editor Gwendolyn Infusino

producers Reina Higashitani, Gwendolyn Infusino

cinematographer Marc Patterson

casting directors Lisa Essary and Ranjiv Perrera

composer Dylan Ryan



documentary, 80min, 2018

Artist Yayoi Kusama's journey from a conservative upbringing in Japan to her brush with fame in America during the 1960s. 

director/writer/producer/editor Heather Lenz

producers  Karen Johnson, David Koh, Dan Braun

associate producers Shinpei Takeda, Reina Higashitani

Sundance Film Festival Official Selection


NO CONTRACT, NO COOKIES: The Stella D’Oro Strike

documentary, 39min, 2011, HBO Docs

The struggle of mostly immigrant workers who strike to save their jobs at a famous bakery in the Bronx.


directors/producers Jon Alpert, Matthew O'Neill

producers Reina Higashitani, Shannon Sonenstein



narrative, 16min, 2019

Two siblings from Boyle Heights can’t stand each other as they move out of their family home during the absence of their father.

cast Crash Barrera, Oscar Fabela, Ryan Zimmer, Roshni Shukla

director/writer/editor Hena Ashraf

producers Reina Higashitani, Sam Marquis

cinematographer Nate Cuboi

production designer Rocky Avalos

costume designer Kéelin Quigley



narrative,17min, 2019

After a repeated case of mistaken identity, a lonely woman reinvents herself by imitating her lookalike.

Cast Kathryn Schott, Jamie Hughes, Michael C. Bauer, Isaac Ramsey, Zihan Zhao

director John Adam Krueger

writer Alix Conde

producer Reina Higashitani

cinematographer Andrew Rieger

editor Julia Angley

production designer Madie Hays

Costume Designer Maggie Colvin



documentary, 39min, 2013, HBO Docs

The lives of people in New York City who try to survive on the money they glean from bottles and cans they find in the trash.

directors/producers Jon Alpert, Matthew O'Neill

associate producers Reina Higashitani, Shannon Sonenstein

Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Nominee